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  •            Contact: Rodger Tello for any further information.
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Mighty Minis Racing was launched in 1996 with the primary intention of creating an opportunity for individuals to take part in circuit racing at an affordable level, in an effort to make motorsport more  accessible and socially inclusive. Mighty Minis Racing assists drivers to develop their driving skills and media platform, which one would agree are both necessary to have in place to progress their exploration of their limits.  The championship is well established and has grown to present two very competitive categories, offering a fantastic starter opportunities in either category.

The Super Mighty Minis offers an enhanced technical challenge and a further opportunity to fine tune race-craft. However the initial ethos of affordability has been adhered to, in every aspect of the DNA of the championship. The drivers, an eclectic mix of individuals both male and female enjoy hard racing and good paddock humour.

If you have ever considered racing and thought that it might be great fun then you are in the right place to satisfy that ‘itch’. In addition to the on track fun, drivers have made life-long friends and enjoy an atmosphere where the entire family is made to feel welcome. If you need help or advice it is available in bucket loads from the organisers or fellow drivers. But don’t be fooled as you will need to battle relentlessly for the entire race to not finish last.

These cars are very evenly matched and certainly do not cost a fortune to maintain. We offer comprehensive support regarding every aspect of Mighty Minis racing, be it driving or technical so that a driver can enjoy their experience with us. In the evenings it is normal to have barbecues, laughter and merriment for all.

The Mighty Minis championship has enjoyed being broadcast here in the UK and to the wider world through Motors TV and Skysports , Freeview and Virgin TV. Our championship TV programs were broadcast in excess of fifty counties, offering fantastic brand exposure for the championship’s associated sponsors and for the companies who took advantage of the opportunity, by directly sponsoring the TV production. This TV exposure is a massive plus not only for the championship as a whole but makes getting sponsorship for the individual drivers more likely.

The cars in both categories of the Championship offer the most affordable Mini racing here in the UK. This approach will not change as we make the big leap forward in the promotion of this championship. We cater for the ordinary man or woman in assisting them to live their dream of being a racing driver.

The championship regulations were modified in 2019 to allow the carburetor to replace the complicated fuel injection system. This has made great affordable racing open to a much wider pool of budding racing drivers. This is in line with our initial ethos to ensure that Mighty Minis racing remains at the fore front of offering the most affordable British classic Mini racing not just for the here and now, but for the foreseeable future. As it stands, Mighty Minis racing offers the best package for any driver starting out in motorsport who wishes to compete within sensible budget parameters.