Drivers Profiles

The list of drivers below is being updated regularly and does not have all drivers listed, additions will be made as we get up to date photos and info.

Mighty Minis Racing class ‘A’

jyJosh Young: 2015 novice Champion Josh surprised everyone in 2015 with his talent, considering he only passed his DVLA driving test just before the start of the season, the fact that he then went on to nearly win his first ever race was astonishing, he finished second. Eighteen year old Josh from Hereford is keen to promote safe driving principles and attitudes in young drivers and uses his ‘Mighty Safe Driving’ project to promote a number of charitiies who are actively involved in this arena. Josh won the coveted 2015 novice Championship. Will be racing as number 4 in the 2016 season. Josh has just been endorsed as the Ambasador of the Startline program, a circuit training porgram for young drivers. This well organised program is organised by Castle Combe race circuit. You will see Josh’s car sporting the Castle Combe race circuit logo alongside one of his new sponsors ASPENS

gj_edited-1Greg Jenkins: Greg the owner of the Italian Job Mini hire and independendant mechanic started his racing in his early years with Autograss. Thirty nine year old Greg as been with the Mighty Minis championship for some years . His first car ended its life after a driving error at Castle Combe. Greg is a well respected front runner, Greg and his father maintain his car which won the 2015 ‘Yokohama’best presented car award. Greg is currently second in the championship standings just 2 points short of the top step.

IMG_0506Paul Ogborn: Like many people, Paul had always wanted to compete in motorsport but with work, a hectic travel schedule and family commitments there never seemed the time. When he turned 50 he knew it was now or never and shortly after his 50th birthday he made the move and took his ARDS test at Silverstone. A few weeks later, after a few phone calls, he chose Mighty Minis as it offered the best opportunity to get started and everyone loves Minis. Within a month of taking his ARDS he had bought a car, slapped on a novice cross and was almost ready to go! 2016 will be the first time Paul has competed in any form of motorsport and he has never driven any of the tracks in the Mighty Mini championship. However he relishes the challenge and knows it will be the perfect antidote to life in the corporate world.Paul is married with three grown-up children, lives in his home town of Bristol and works mainly in London. His wife, Lisette, is always there to lend a hand and without her support he would not have managed to get started.Steve Rideout takes care of Paul’s car and Paul is very appreciative of the huge support Steve continues to give him on and off the track.

adAndy Dickinson: Andy joined the championship three years ago, initially sharing a car with another driver, but decided that he wanted to compete in more races so bought his own car. Thirty six year old Andy works as a Maintenance engineer and has a garage full of cars in various states of repair. Andy was the recipient of the 2015 ‘Safety Devices’ award after a heavy prang at Cadwell Park Andy’s mum and dad are avid supporters of his exploits and come along to most races , somtimes in their own Mini.

scwStuart Combes: Stuart has campaigned in his Maniflow Exhaust supported car at the sharp end of the championship for a number of years. Stuart was second in the penultimate race of 2015, and was on for a Class ‘A’ championship win and he very nearly did just that. However a last bend coming together landed him in the gravel trap putting an eleventh hour end to his efforts. A bitter pill to swallow, but as ever Stuart was the consummate gentleman. Stuart finished third in the championship and was awarded the prestigious ‘Leukaemia spirit of event award’ Stuart’s wife and daughter are present at every race supporting his efforts. This year Stuart has returned with a vengance and has won two of the four races so far this year. Stuart left Donington Prk as the championship leader with a slender two point lead.

mgw_edited-1 Mick Grover: This is Mick’s second year in Mighty Minis and he is certainly finding it much more enjoyable and cheaper than the Karting he has done in the past. A coming together at Silverstone last year, no fault of his own, lost him a few races as he straightened the car. Mick is having a bumpy ride so far this season as he dusts of the winter cobwebs. His car is most noticeable with the GROVER motorsport logos that emblazon the car.

cpwCraig Pendlebury: This is Craig’s thrid season in the Mighty Minis class a championship and he is certainly viewd as one of the front runners, fortified by podium finishes and race lap leads so far this season. Graig’s partner and mother are in regular attendance at every race lending a hand and offering support where possible. It wont be long before we see him on the top step.

web dhDan Horne: One of the competitors from the north of England 36 year old Dan and his friends painstakingly built his car and is a well respected driver in the championship who is finding his feet. This is his thrid year with the Mighty Minis championship having never raced before. Dan certainly enjoys his time at the circuits and is a quiet but determined driver. He always wears a smile as do his friends. Great man to have in the championship.

IMG_1957 (Large)Robert Threfall: Rob Threfal new to Mighty Minis racing this year is having a wail of a time. Rob confesses that in all of the cars that he has competed in the Mini offers the best experience that he has had. He defers to his lovely partner with a cheeky mention of her on his front wings. Great guy and a big plus to the championship.

rdw  Rob Duke: text to be added

lhwLaura Harris: Laura joined the championship four years ago after some years as an avid supporter. With the help of her good friend Andy Harrison of AceSpeed, thrity four year old Laura has managed to be competitive as she gains skill and confidence. Laura works at Moss Bradford and is a keen classic car enthusiast. We see Laura improving year on year as she gets to grips with the challenge.

nlw Nick Lyford: Nick represents the driver that Mighty Minis was designed for, in that he always considered getting involved but never found the time or the right championship to take part in. Nick took the plunge after years of supporting his son James who graduated from Karting. Nick who works in the oil industry was able to arrange his diary to suit his ambitions as a race car driver and has not looked back since. Nick has owned many minis in his life, so this was the opportunity to put those country lane white knuckle rides to the test. He is a regular top ten finisher narrowly missing out on the podium. Nick also competes in twenty four hour races now as well. Nick’s wife and family are always in attendance offer support and hot cups of tea when needed.

dazwDarren Nightingale: Darren is better known as Daz and has raced in the Mighty Minis Class ’A’ for five years. Forty three year old Daz owns his own garage and also maintains other cars in the championship. Daz has had his misfortunes over the years and now competes in his second car. Daz’s wife and two young children come along to support him at all races.

jcwJim Carolan: This is Jim’s second year of competing in the Mighty Minis championship. He has competed in many disciplines in his time including Rally Cross. Jim has also taken part in the Mazda MX5 championship and the BMW Compact cup championship. A man that can alway be found with a smile on his face and an intelligent conversation to be had.

wf Warren Fletcher: Warren decided to take the plunge and have a go himself after spending years spectating and supporting his sons Kelvin and Brayden in their efforts on track. Warren thoroughly enjoyed the experience, if not suffering from a serious case of nerves before his first race. This however translated to into a sense of estatic achievement post race.

pjw_edited-1Penny Jones: Penny has been racing with the Championship for the past five years and recently won the 2015 ‘GAZ Shocks’ most entertaining driver award. Her partners son also races in the Super Mighty Minis. A lady that keeps the men in check in the paddock, and can be seen flipping burgers during the evening festivities. Penny had her first podium finish in 2015 with a well-deserved and hard fought third place at Rockingham, winning it by fractions of a second on the line. Her partner Roger White from RJP racing looks after her car.

alw Alastair Richards: Alastair chose his number 46 in respect of his Moto GP hero  ‘THE DOCTOR‘ Valentino Rossi. We have yet to see Alastair race with us this season, but we hope to see him out soon.


pvbPeter Vemply Burwood: Peter ‘s story is somewhat different As he had raced with us for a couple of races in 2003. Peter built his car back then and sold it regretfully, as his personal circumstances had changed. However he had not put his burning desire to compete in the Mighty Minis championship to bed and had always felt that he had unfinished business. He contacted us last year to see if we knew who had his car and thankfully we were able to help. He has since checked the car over and got the seat where he needed it as he is a tall lad. Brands Hatch was always going to be his first outing this season and he met his self imposed dead line.

cvarterwSimon Carter: Simon is a mild mannered chap who races hard but fair.He knows his way around Minis as he works for the world reknowned Wood & Picket motor company. Wood & Picket  were one of the top car conversions company that were noted for their rich and fashioable celebritiy clients of the sixties.

cgwCaroline Gilbert: 2015 Ladies Champion Caroline has raced in the Class A Mighty Mins championship since 2004, and has truly developed her race craft and driving ability. Caroline over the years has been a multi-Ladies champion. Her viper colour schemed car is very distinctive. Caroline now races at the sharp end of the Class ‘A’ Mighty Minis championship and has had regular podium results. This year she missed out on the Class ‘A’ championship title by a mere one point.

mhMorgan Harris: Morgan has raced in the championship for four years in his bright yellow car and has progressed year on year. Forty three year old operations manager along with his wife and young child enjoy the atmosphere both on and off of the circuit. Morgan took part in the 2015 annual charity ride event at Castle Combe circuit raising much need funds for two great charities.

brad_edited-1Brayden Fletcher: Brayden was another young driver who has shown great talent and has developed his skills within the championship, winning his first race this season. Brayden had not properly driven a car prior to doing his ARDS test showing that Mighty Minis racing is an easy to do championship. He was a past recipient of the prestigious ‘Leukaemia spirit of the event Award’. Brayden is a true petrol head and takes his racing very seriously. However he is a happy chap who always has a smile.

DeanDean Fletcher: Dean Fletcher has followed in the footsteps of his brothers Kelvin and Brayden in starting out in the Mighty Minis class A. Kelvin has gone on to race in Porsches, VdeV and now BTCC, whilst Brayden is now racing in the Ginetta championship. So we hope that Dean will gain th rnecesaary experience and backing to also move up the motorsport ladder. Dean represented himself well by finishing a credible fifth in his first outing.

IMG_2835 (Large) Ryan Cowley: Ryan has raced in the Mighty Minis Class A for a few years, intially starting out with a beautiful example of a White and Black Mini Cooper. He then came up with this colour scheme and promptly wrote the car of after a nasty roll at Oulton Park. He has had a couple of outings this year and is rebuilding his confidence. He has experienced some technical problems which have seen him off the pace so far this year. Ryan is also a regular contributer to Mini Magazine.

dan BuryDan Bury: A new additon to the grid Dan is coming to terms with the front wheel drive technic and is progressing race by race. Dan is more accustomed to fast rear wheel drive Go Karts.



sam tomSam Tomlinson 99:  Sam wishes to make it very clear that without the support of Skip UK and Cadclam Steelworks he would not have been able to pursue his dream of racing cars and taking part in Mighty Minis racing.Sam concentrated on his career working in the automotive industry and having a young baby. He has now decided this is the year to get back into Motorsport and enjoy his first love (of course after his family), close racing! 
After racing Karts for many years when Sam was younger, he never had the chance to move up into cars until now. On having an initial test at Castle Combe in October he chose to be a Mighty Mini driver, attracted by the close racing and friendly atmosphere. He considers the friendliness very important point as his fiancé Samantha and son Alfie will be his keen supporters at each event. He has raced under the number 99 for most of his racing career  in tribute to one of his heroes, Greg Moore who died in Indy cars many moons ago. So if you see his little orange beauty with the 99 on the side say hello.


jwwJamie White: 2015 Class ‘B’ Champion Jamie  has competed in the Super Mighty Minis championship for five years having progressed from Kart racing. He has motorsport heritage as his father Roger White is no slouch behind the wheel as he himself competed in Formula three. Jamie has been very successful winning three back to back Class ‘B’ championships, and many races along the way. Jamie got off to a shaky start but soon found his feet and has been recognised as a hard but fair racer.

smw copySteve Maxted: Steve has raced in the Super Mighty Minis championship for the past three years and is building a new car for the 2016 season.  Forty-nine year old Steve father of two, is following in his father John’s footsteps, as his father campaigned Minis in thesixties. Steve is an experienced racer having started racing thrity two years ago in Autograss, he has since also raced in Formula two  and has competed in Formula three in the past, winning two championships along th eway.. Steve’s car has a funky wrap that was inspired by a works BMW M3 race car.  Steve works as a financial adviser.

bernie wDavid Bernie:David started his racing in the Standard Mighty Minis with varying levels of success. However he found that his desire to compete in the Super Mighty Minis got the better of him and he sold his Class ‘A’ car and graduated to the Super Mighty Minis some years ago. He now has a young family and manages to get some racing in between his work in the financial sector and his family responsibilities. He is a seasoned front runner and is always very exciting to watch doing battle. His father, has the honour of spanner duty and does a very fine job ensuring the reliability and performance of the car is second to none.

drw  Dave Rees: Dave started his racing in the Standard Mighty Minis and established himself as a regular front runner. However the draw of more power saw him step up to the Super Mighty Minis. The last few months have been a bit sketchy for Dave as he has not been in the best of health. This year he anticipates that he will be back out having some fun. In the mean time he has lent his Pea green sponsored car to fellow racer Adrian Tuckley. Dave now has to live up to the cars performance as it now leads the Super Mighty Minis championship.

skScott Kendall: Thirty eight year old Scott is a true representation of what this championship stands for, in its efforts to make motorsport more inclusive. Scott started racing when he was eleven in the Mini Stox and at sixteen raced in stockrods. Scott has shown himself to be a very talented driver who struggles to find the budget for every race he takes part in, but manages to just make it to the end of the season, normally with many borrowed parts on his car. A feisty driver who will battle until the flag drops won the Super Mighty Minis title in 2010. His wife Milly and the children really enjoy coming to see him race and support him at the events. Scott finished second in the 2015 championship.

bob bBob Bennetts: Ex Mini rally man Bob was the first driver that was crowned a Mighty Minis racing champion, he then went on to win the Super Mighty Minis championship twice. Sixty year old Bob works as a heating engineer when he is not racing and was a keen competitive cyclist in his younger days. He was also chose by John Cooper to represent the John Cooper Garages when they were re- establishing their name in the motorsport arena, making Bob the last ever ‘Cooper works driver’. Bob went on to act as driver coach for the ‘John Cooper Challenge’ when it was launched and worked closely with the Cooper garages as a test and development driver. Bob’s son Russel has also raced in the Mighty Minis class ‘A’ category.

dkw David Kirkpatrick: David works in the banking sector and certainly enjoys his Mini racing. David is probably our tallest driver, but this does not hamper him. He started racing in the standard Mighty Minis and has since moved up to the Super Mighty Minis. His very recognisable union jack liveried car is regularly seen at the front of the grid battling relentlessly.

nevw Neven Kirkpatrick: Neven Kirkpatrick has won both the Standard Mighty Minis and the Super Mighty Mini championship in the past. Neven is now not only in-charge of his trusty stead but has a young family to take care of. His Demand Technology sponsored car is always at the sharp end of the race. Neven has certainly owned the name of a hard charger who will take advantage of any mistake race determinedly to the flag.

iswIan Slark: Ian a Classic car restorer by trade follows in his brother’s and father’s footsteps as a keen Mini racer. At forty two, Ian has competed in the championship for six years and won his first race in his ‘Number Works Pubs’ supported car in 2014. Ian then went on to win a closely fought Class ‘A’ championship entering the last race one point ahead of his nearest rival. As the Class ‘A’ champion he moved across to the Super Mighty Minis for the 2015 season, finishing a credible third in his first seasons’ campaign.

nsw Neil Slark: Neil Slark has motorsport running through his veins as his father Brian was the founder of the family business ‘ Slark race engineering’ which Neil now owns. Neil is responsible for most of the tuning work on the cars in the championship through his rolling road business. Neil has won the Mighty Minis championship in the past and now competes in the Super Mighty Minis and shares a car in Classic Mini racing. His wife and young family come along to all of the races.

ditchy Mark Ditchburn: Mark a Plasterer by trade, but also a very funny writer as witessed on his extremely funny saterical facebook page, started racing in the Mighty Minis class. Mark is a staunch supporter of Mighty Minis racing, recognising that without this championship he would never have had the chance to compete in circuit racing. Mark builds every aspect of his car and throughly enjoys seeing how well it fares aginst other cars. His son, daughter and wife support him at all of the events.

mbwMark ‘Biggles‘ Burnett: Thirty eight year old Mark, the MD of the SU carb Company has competed in both categories of the championship and can be seen also in his Historic Racing Mini. Mark and his wife Rosie have two young children who are enthusiastic in all things mechanical. Mark is a determined but fair racer and has a great sense of humour. His car’s distinct livery represents his interest in classic aviation.

daww Steve Dawson: Steve works in the motor trade in his father’s business. Steve was one of the drivers who took part in the first season of Mighty Minis racing in 1996 and has won both the Standard Mighty Minis class and the Super Mighty Minis championship. Steve is affectionately known as ‘Awesome Dawson’ Steve’s sister Melanie also raced in the Mighty Minis championship. Steve has had a sabbatical over the years and has returned with winning at the forefront of his mind. He has managed a third in his first race this season..

feaRNLEYW_edited-1 Neil Fearnley: Neil an engineer by trade, is another of our drivers who first started out in the standard Mighty Minis category and then took the plunge to compete in the Super Mighty Minis. Neil has had mixed fortunes but has been a staunch supporter of the championship over the years. His wife Liz and daughters are regulars in the paddock adding to the great family atmosphere that exists. Neil has also competed in twenty four hour racing since joining Mighty Minis racing. Neil always has a funny tale to tell or a funny take on something, he will be missed as he will be having a sabbatical this year but we hope to see him back out soon.

B ButlerBen Butler: Ben winner of the 2015 ‘Mini Spares’ committment award seen with his trusty steed. A well presented Surf Blue and white example.This has been thirty one year old Ben’s first season in the Mighty Minis championship and he has embraced the challenge with a very good spirit. He had a tough start to the seaon, but once he managed to rectify the mechanical problems, his talent started to shine through. Ben also took part in our annual charity rides day at Castle Combe helping to raise well needed funds for two very deserving chairities. An all round nice guy. Ben has moved across to race in the Super Mighty Minis championship and is reveling in the experience.

IMG_2805 (Large)Steve Rideout: 2015 Class ‘A’ champion, Steve joined the championship four years ago to achieve a personal ambition to race a Mini. Steve had looked at other options and realised he could never afford to be a front runner in those. Steve had a brief foray in the Super Mighty Minis in 2014 but felt that he had unfinished business in the Class ‘A’ category so finished off the season by returning the Class ‘A’ grid. His race season had not started off on the good foot, as a down on power engine hampered his efforts in amassing good early points. However after finding a broken piston ring he was on winning form. He went into the last race expecting a championship second at best unless Stuart Combes suffered the commentators curse. On the last corner of the last lap, he got out of the way of an out of control car that crashed into Stuart, putting paid to Stuart’s title effort handing the title to Steve. As much as he is overjoyed to have won the title he does feel that Stuart was robbed, such as the gentleman he is and a very worthy Class ‘A’ champion. Steve credits his wife Lyn for her support for him to enjoy his hobby. Steve also looked after Josh Young’s car which won the 2015 Novice championship. Steve is now enjoying the new challenge of a Super Mighty Mini.

a com Alex Comis: Alex has raced in both categories of the Mighty Minis championship since he joined in 2001. Alex won a hard fought Super Mighty Minis Donington night race and has been a regular visitor to the podium over the years. Thirty eight year old Alex works at Birmingham University as an Administrator. Alex is supported by the Mini Spares Centre. Alex was a past recipient of the Chris Inch Trophy. He looks after his car himself with the help of a few friends. Always up for a laugh and a true prankster. This year Alex has won three of th efour races held so far. It seems if he keeps up this form he could well be the victor in the championship fight.

esw  Elliott Stafford: text to be added

IMG_1934 (Large)Adrian Tuckley: Adrian has competed predominatly in Class ‘A’ Mighty Minis and has decided to chance his hand this year in the Super Mighty Minis. It might have been a stunning decsion as he left Donington Prk as the championship leader by a mere 2 points after the fourth race of the season. Adrian is presently competing in a car fellow race Dave Rees has lent to him.

dbw Dave Bagley: text to be added

dan palw_edited-1 Dan Palmer: Dan owns SV synergy an audio visual specialist company that fits high end bespoke systems into luxury apartments and Yachts around the world. He tries to race as and when he can fit the time in. Dan started his racing in the standard Mighty Minis and is one of the many drivers who took the plunge and graduated to the Super Mighty Minis. A new addition to the family has put even more pressure on him and we hope to see him back out soon.