Class ‘B ‘points after a thrilling Donington Park race weekend

Class ‘A’ points after a very wet Donington Park race weekend.

Class B points after rounds 5&6 Thruxton:

Class A points after rounds 5&6 Thruxton

With the new season upon us, we would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to two very deserved 2016 champions. Both Adrian Tuckley and Greg Jenkins had to fight hard throughout the season to achieve their goals. We look forward to witnessing another great season both on and off circuit.

After some very exciting racing at the Welch Tracmon circuit here are the latest set of points.:

Class A mighty Minis after rounds 3&4:

Super Mighty Minis after rounds 3&4:

Super Mighty Mins:

Super Mighty Minis points 2016 FINAL 


Class ‘A’ Mighty Minis 2016 points FINAL


img_7222After another very exciting 2017 season the Mighty Minis championship enjoyed their first outing at the Hampshire based Thruxton circuit. In the Super Mighty Minis Adrian Tuckley took pole position from Scott Kendall, Louise Inch shared the second row with Alex Comis. Whilst in Class ‘A’ Mighty Minis Greg Jenkins just edged out Sam Tomlinson for pole with Stuart Combes 0.5 of a second adrift in third.

After twenty minutes of exhilarating door handle to door handle racing. A coming together between Kendall and race leader Tuckley on the last chicane as Tuckley lost control under braking, resulted in a racing incident with both car continuing. Scott Kendal took the win from Alex Comis, Tuckley finished third in front of Louise Inch, who although leading on many occasions finished a respectable fourth setting the fastest lap with her efforts.

Greg Jenkins who had a race long fight with Tomlinson, Combes and Mark Burnett eventually snatched snatch the win. Tomlinson finished second keeping his championship chances alive, with fastest lap setter Combes, finishing third leaving him work to do if he is to remain in contention for the title. Mark Burnett and Darren Nightingale rounded out the top five.

The second Super Mighty Minis grid had the first six cars reversed putting Ben Butler on pole with Steve Rideout sharing the front row, followed by Louise Inch and Adrian Tuckley on the second row. Louise Inch was soon in front with Tuckley and Kendall in hot pursuit. However it was not long before Comis was leading with Inch down to fourth. The front four, as with Rideout and Butler swapped places on every lap. Kendall eventually wrapped up a second win and fastest lap from Tuckley with Comis in third closely followed by at times leader Louise Inch.

With the top eight cars reversed on Class ‘A’ grid Paul Ogborn found himself on pole sharing the front row of the grid with Morgan Harris. It was not long before the championship front runners were at it again, but this time also joining in the fun at the sharp end was Mark Burnett of ‘SU carburettor’ fame. They put on a fine display of drafting, smooth lines and brave out braking lap after lap. Championship leader Greg Jenkins grabbed his second win of the day. Whilst Sam Tomlinson lost valuable positions and points after losing speed due to a misfire. Stuart Combes had his second visit to the podium with a well-deserved second. Mark Burnett fared well in his return to the Mighty Minis championship with a hard fought third.

Here is the Mighty Minis Class A championship points table to and including the the rounds at Thruxton circuit. Well done to Greg Jenkins on his two race wins and Stuart Coombes on his two fastest laps setting a lap record for the Mighty Minis class A championship. 


Here is the Super Mighty Minis championship points table up to and including the two rounds at Thruxton circuit. Well done to Scott Kendall on setting the lap record and two race wins, and also to Louise Inch on her fastest Lap.


Here is the Mighty Minis Class A championship points table to and including the two rounds at Silverstone. Well done to both Sam Tomlinson and Greg Jenkins on their wins.


Here are the Mighty Minis Class B Super Mighty Minis championship points table to and including the two rounds at Silverstone. Well done to Both Louise Inch and Steve Dawson on their wins. 

smm 7+8




The second days racing at the Silverstone truck festival was another stunner for drivers in both classes. It’s been a crazy year so far and regardless, the racing has remained true to its origins. Affordable racing available to everyone. To have participated in the Silverstone event was a real joy and an eye opener. Steve Horne put on an event to be proud of with 15000+ spectators and a superb display of trucks in the paddock and of course the family entertainment including band and fun fair.

The Super and Mighty Minis drivers acquitted themselves well and put on a fantastic display of racing on both days that they should be immensely proud of. Different winners in each class in both of their races. Louise Inch took a fine win in the first of the Super Mighty Minis championship races with Adrian Tuckley second and Ian Slark third.
The second race started with a reverse position for the top seven finishers. This put Dave Rees and Steve Rideout on the front row. It was 20 minutes of sheer joy to witness the contest unfold, where there was a new leader after every corner. Steve Dawson won it by the slimiest of margins from Louise Inch with Ian Slark enjoying his second podium of the weekend.
The first of the two Mighty Minis championship races was nothing short of brilliant entertainment for all who witnessed it and the drivers who took part. After what seemed like everyone was at the front the race settled down as the clear leaders opend up a small comfort zone to those battling for fifth. A fine display of drafting and using the expanse of the circuit to under cut on the switch back was thrilling to watch. Sam Tomlinson in his Skip UK sponsored car won a a solid battle at the line from championship leader Greg Jenkins whilst Josh Young enjoyed his first podium of the season in third.
The second Mighty Minis championship race started with a reverse position for the top seven finishers. This put Dan Bury and Jim Carolan on the front row. A fine start put josh Young in the lead going into cops as he squeezed along the pit wall past Jim Carolan. However the lead soon changed hands as Greg Jenkins, Sam Tomlinson, and Stuart Combes joined in for a for a four way scrap the saw each and every one of them lead again and again. It was Stuart Combes who recieved the laurels for a well deserved win. Sam Tomlinson was second with championship leader Greg Jenkins third.
Apart from the great racing what also stood out was the family atmosphere in the Mighty Minis paddock, friends joining in the fun with Barbeques the young children darting around on their little bicycles with laughter in the air. A great weekend thanks to everyone. Much love.

Class ‘B’ points after rounds 5+6


Class ‘A’ points after rounds 5+6


Class A points after rounds 3+4

points 3+4

*Indicates fastest lap (+2 pts)

Super Mighty Minis points after rounds 3 + 4

SMM 3+4

Open link to see full results from Cadwell Park.

2015 championship results below


From left to right: Stuart Combes, Caroline Gilbert, Steve Rideout, Jamie White, Scott Kendall, Ian Slark, and Josh Young.


  1. Champion: Steve Rideout
  2. 2nd Caroline Gilbert & Ladies Champion
  3. 3rd Stuart Combes

Novice champion: Josh Young

Class B

  1. Champion: Jamie White
  2. 2nd Scott Kendall
  3. 3rd Ian Slark

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